Magic Tree House: The Website

Hi, this is Cathy from Cathy Collier's The W.I.S.E. Owl and I have done a few posts about the Magic Tree House books.  I LOVE the Magic Tree House.  Today, I'd like to talk to you about the Magic Tree House Website.

The Magic awaits!

I love this website!  It's fun.  Let me walk you through a few fun places to visit on the website!

First the top bar.


On the Games tab, you can do on Missions.  There are 5 books and a clue is read to the student.  If you get it wrong, you get to try again.  If you get it right, the Magic Tree House spins and takes you on an adventure.  There are 4 questions to highlight 4 different that give you "rewards" to complete Morgan's mission.  The questions are typed, but unfortunately, there is no "read aloud" button.  When all four questions are answered and the clues are collected, you have a game to complete the mission. The two games I completed were completing a puzzle and decoding the answer with "decoder" questions.  Very Cute.  There is an option to take notes in their journal for future reference.  

My Magic Tree House

Students are able to create and decorate their tree house.  They keep their rewards in the in their tree house.  They can also see other reader's tree houses.  

My Library and Passport

What a great section.  Students can read a sample of a book.  There are the first 2 chapters available for reading.  What a great way to preview the book before heading to the library.  They can also create a Wish List of books to read.  There is also a Passport to be stamped after completing the quizzes on each book.

Tree House Mail

This section was wonderful.  Students can read answers to questions from other readers, watch videos of Mary Pope Osborne (!), and send her an email.  OMG.  How many students would LOVE to hear Mary Pope Osborne talk to them!  It's a fun section.

About the Series and  On Stage!

These last to are informational and include information about the books, the author, the illustrator, and seeing the books on stage!

On the site...

Under the top a scroll bar with all her books.

On the right side of the website...there are extras.

Explore the Map

This is an interactive map.  Students can enlarge the map to see WHERE the books took place.

Fast Tracker Showdown

These quizzes are based on the Non-fiction Fast Tracker books.  They are ten questions.

Reading Buddies

This is a great way to encourage reading. This is a section to sign up your team and keep track of your reading hours. This is a great way for teachers to sign up classroom buddies or start a reading buddy tracker in their classroom.

For Teachers

The teacher section contains teacher guides and printable activities.  

For Parents

The parent section contains information about the series and how to support reading.

My only concern...or is it?

My only concern with this website is the lack of a "Read to Me" button.  Many of the areas on the website are read to them, but some are not.  My kindergartners loved being on the site, but this would often require a parent to be with them...or maybe that's ok?

My Rating

I'd give this website a 5/5.  Of course, this isn't technical.  AND I'm sure I'm biased because I love these books.

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