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Building a Classroom Library

A classroom has always been one of my favorite things about teaching.  I love looking at books, reading books, organizing books, and buying books.  And even though I don't have my own classroom anymore, I continue to build my classroom library!
Today I wanted to share some ways to stock your library...inexpensively!

* Thrift stores and consignment shops: I have found some good ones at Once Upon a Child.

* Local half price book stores: Half Price Books is my local favorite and they sell books online!  Check out the "bargain basement books".

* Scholastic Warehouse Sales: I have also volunteered during these sales.  By volunteering, I earned money to buy books from the warehouse!

* Garage sales, garage sales, and more garage sales!

* Discount stores like Ollies, Gabriel Brothers, or Big Lots.

* Retiring teachers

* Donor's Choose

* Childhood books: You never know what your parents may have kept from your childhood!

* Donations: Your classroom families may want to donate some of their "old" books.

* Local library sales

* Ebay

* Book clubs

* State Welcome Centers: I like to pick up maps and brochures for my classroom library.

* Restaurants: I also like to add some menus!

Where do you go to stock up on classroom books?