Blog Hop Announcement

We love books!  We love literacy!  We love sharing!

When a little birdie mentioned this event, we just had to sign on.

Adventures in Literacy Land is joining up with twenty-five literacy teachers for the Loving Literacy Blog Hop.  

This event will run from Friday, January 31st (8:00 AM EST) through Sunday, February 2nd (10:00 PM EST).  We will be sharing resources to accompany our favorite books.  Many of the books will feature friendship or Valentine's Day themes.  Stock up on some great reading resources.  They'll be *free* during the hop only.  :)

We hope you join us for the fun!


  1. Ooohhh! Sounds terrific and I'm looking forward to checking out all the literacy goodies! Will pass the news along to my fellow teachers so they can benefit, too!

    1. Thanks, JW! We love it when you help us spread the word!

  2. Thanks Shannon! Let your friends know too. Activities will target grades K-5 mainly. There may be one or two activities for MS. I know I'm excited to receive as well. ;-)

  3. I am so exicted about your new blog. I have been reading it every week. I have a question? Which reading program do you recommend? I would be interested in hearing which you use or wish you had.Thank you for your help.