5 Favorite Interactive Bulletin Boards

Hello, Literacy Land readers.  This is Wendy from Read With Me ABC.  I'm here to share a few of my favorite interactive bulletin boards with you.

Guess Who?

Whether you are looking for a great "getting to know" you activity or teaching students to write descriptive paragraphs, this activity is just for you.
Credit: Surfin' Through Second
Credit: Surfin' Through Second
Students write a paragraph describing themselves and draw a corresponding picture.  The hand-drawn picture is used as a flap to cover a photograph of the student hidden underneath.  Students read one another's paragraphs, guess who it describes, and lift the flap to reveal the author. This would also be the perfect display for parent visitation night.


Credit: Adventures in Literacy Land
Credit: Adventures in Literacy Land
There are many versions of this bulletin board floating around the internet. However, I am particularly fond of the interactive aspect of the one shown above.  As students learn about poetry, they document their learning on the "Poetree" and add their own poems to the ring-booklets hanging from the tree.  Students returned to this display frequently as a reference and to read the poems.

Vocabulary Piggies

Credit: Teaching After Ten
Students show off new vocabulary words they learn by completing a vocabulary slip with the word, definition, synonyms, antonyms, and an illustration.  Each pig on the bulletin board serves as a pocket to store the vocabulary slips. As students learn a new word, they simply add it to their pig. As their pigs grow, so does their vocabulary.

Visit Teaching After Ten to pick up this great freebie and build your own pig pen.  ;)

Tweet Me!

Credit: Ms. Spucci's Class
Credit: Seaver's Blog
This bulletin board was created as an exit slip activity, but has evolved into so much more. Depending on the teacher's direction, students tweet anything from a math problem to a question they still have about a lesson to something they are excited to learn. Students post their responses to the board and the teacher can gather information at a glance.

Teacher's Read Too!

Credit: Read With Me ABC
This bulletin board features photographs of teachers taken while they were reading.  Students guess which teacher is hidden behind each book.  What a great way for teachers to model that they are readers!  You can read more about this display and pick up a {free} copy of the bulletin board set on my blog today.

What are some of your favorite interactive bulletin board ideas?  Please share in the comments.  Our readers would love to know.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What fun ideas! I love the teachers reading the books! Thanks for sharing!

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