Thankful For Reading Resources


Hi everyone! Who's Thanksgiving break has started? I was polling my page fans on The Reading Tutor/OG yesterday, and couldn't believe how many of you get the whole week off! Lucky! I always got Thursday and Friday off and that was it. However many days you get, I'm sure it is well deserved.

I have another question. Who loves finding online teacher resources? Here's a round up of five great resources to bookmark or share with a work colleague. I have to thank my fellow teacher bloggers for helping me with this one. It was so funny how they came up with the same ones I was thinking of when I polled them for ideas. You may not have seen some of these, so you'll definitely want to give them a try while you're on Thanksgiving break. Unless you're one of those people shopping on Black Friday, Yikes! Those crowds can be pretty fierce for some holiday deals.

  1. Newsela-This site is a collection of high interest non-fiction articles for grades 3-12. This can be one of your go-to sites if you're searching for close reading passages. You can create an account, and assign articles to your students to read. One nice feature is you can change the reading level to suit the needs of your students. Then assign questions on the article to monitor their comprehension. This is one of the best online reading tools for differentiating your reading instruction.
  2. Read To Me-LV- This site is a lot like Storyline. Famous actors and actresses read picture books aloud for your students or child to follow along. Any opportunity a child has to hear more a proficient reader other than their own teacher or parent read to them is a good thing.
  3. Into The Book- I love this site when I introduce comprehension strategies. The videos show real students trying the strategy out and modeling it for your class. Into The Book supports you and your students. You can print out mini-posters and lesson plans for each comprehension strategy.
  4. FCRR- The Florida Center For Reading Research has a search engine for all areas of literacy. Once you enter what you're looking for by skill, strategy and grade level, you'll find incredibly useful lesson plans and ready to print student materials. I always recommend this one to teachers, who really don't have a lot of money to spend on classroom materials, but need quality lessons.
  5. Starfall- For all you early childhood educators out there, Starfall is a goldmine. Do you have your families use it? I find to be a nice alternative if you can't afford the subscription at home. You'll find plenty of early childhood literacy skills and much of it is narrated or has audio components. The cheerful graphics always appeal to younger readers.
Now you have 5 resources that truly span grades Pre-K to 12! Are there any you'd like to add? Please comment below. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you back here in December!


  1. Thanks so much!! I look forward to checking the sites out that I have not heard of.