These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts

Wow!!  Can you believe "Adventures in Literacy Land" is almost a year old!  Looking back through the year we have had some amazing posts and so much information has been shared.  The feedback from all of our readers has been so inspirational and helped us to grow as teachers, learners, and individuals.

Since there are so many different literacy topics, we have tried to keep our posts as organized as possible.  One way that we have tried to do this is with the "Topics" page.

On this page you will find all the posts that we have written this year.  Just look for a topic that you are interested in or need more information about and click on the posts listed under that topic!

We are all looking for different information for different grades, kids, and needs.  But I wanted to share a couple of posts that have inspired me this past year. 

Topic: Comprehension
Anchoring Our Learning
This post really supported all the information I learned in Smarter Charts.  I loved the specific pointers about creating and using effective charts with students.

Topic: Early Reading Skills
Developing a Concept of Word with Emergent Readers
In this post, Carla showed some simple ways for me to build the concept of a word.  I can incorporate some of these ideas into my small group instruction.

Topic: Fluency
Fluency Folders for Little Ones
I love this post about ways to increase fluency with first grade students!  It connects to the Tim Rasinski work that I have also studied.

Topic: Fluency
Fluency Breakthrough
Emily shows how to use two different colors to highlight the characters in the story.  Great idea!! 

Topic: Instructional Strategies
Tackling Text Complexity
This post provides great description and explanation of text complexity.  I really needed this!

Topic: Intervention
A Window to Dyslexia
LOVED....THIS...POST!  I will never learn enough about dyslexia!  This post was so helpful to me.

Topic: Phonological Awareness
Counting Words in Sentences 
I work hard to focus on phonological awareness skills at the beginning of each reading group.  Andrea's post gave me some additional ideas!

Topic: Vocabulary
Vibrant Vocabulary
We do a very big Fancy Nancy unit with our little first grade writers.  Jennifer's post really connected to what we do and gave me some additional ideas

These are only a few of my favorite posts.  There are so many more that have helped me throughout the year.  I hope you can use the "Topic" page to help you find what you need for your students.

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