Exploring Creatures: Using Informational Texts and Expository Writing in Language Based Intervention

Tara here from Looney's Literacy to share using expository texts and writing  to create a language based literacy intervention. 

Oral language is a driving component of future literacy success. Language based intervention is critical in  kindergarten and 1st grade. 

With strong oral language skill comes more vocabulary knowledge. With strong vocabulary skill comes more understanding of "book language" and stronger comprehension skills.  What better way to practice language then researching interesting creatures and writing an expository text, right?

So we did! 

 My kindergarten students are studying different creatures in their classroom.  In my class, we recently read some non-fiction texts about animals. So I took this teaching opportunity and turned it into a fun language based activity!  

After reading our non- fiction texts on animals that can go fast, we used the smart board to research the animals they were most interested in.  

They had so much fun chatting about the things we found about sharks and hummingbirds they forgot they were learning! I've collected some great resources about these two amazing  creatures and would love to share!

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 We used expository texts  as an example to begin our writing. Our next step was to organize our information.

 Then we choose 3 topics about our animal and used them to complete our Table of Contents.

Our next step was to write our chapters! 

This was a great opportunity to study non-fiction text features, write expository texts, and use academic vocabulary to build upon our prior oral language language skills. And we had a blast in the process!

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