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It's Pixie Anne here from Growing Little Learners here today to share my top 5 favourite picture books to use when teaching math! There are so many great books out there for introducing different mathematical concepts, especially to younger children but I have noticed they are being used less and less in favour of online games and videos. 

These do a brilliant job too but I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to dust off some of these favourites and, whether I share them in math lessons or just as end of the day readers, just share them!

1. How Big is a Million? By Anna Milbourne

One new friend, one hundred fish, one thousand snowflakes and one million stars! A beautiful book following a little penguin on his journey to discover how big one million really is. A perfect opportunity for getting the class asking their own big questions about the world and for a deeper understanding of place value.

 2. One Odd Day by Doris Fisher

The rhyme makes this a great book for reading out loud. My class loved the crazy scenarios (no even numbers on the alarm clock, 5 legs on his dog, only one sock to wear and a shirt with 3 sleeves!) and this made the book all the more memorable. We had great fun discussing other 'odd' things that could be seen or that could happen that day and told our own funny stories to fix the learning in our heads!

3. A Remainder of One By Elinor J Pinczes

Poor old Joe seems to be always left out of the 25th Army Corps when they line up for parade until at last he finds his place! I'm particularly fond of this one as I used it in an interview for a promotion and got the job! It is excellent for a first introduction to remainders when dividing and a perfect way to ensure the whole class can access this concept. There are also great opportunities for discussing how it feels to be left out and to act this out in PE lessons.

4. Sir Cumference and the First Round Table

Sir Cumference and his family (Lady Di of Ameter and his son Radius) are on a mission to solve the problem of the king's table and their carpenter, Geo of Metry, makes several tables before the perfect one is found! The story is engaging and the pictures really help explain the mathematical concepts. A really creative tale which makes learning math vocabulary easy (and there are other books in the series too!).

5. The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett

I'm a big fan of Emily Gravett books and Matilda's Cat and Dogs have been used a number of times!
The Rabbit Problem explores multiplication and the Fibonacci sequence in a cleverly illustrated and funny way. I wouldn't use this book with the whole class as the images are busy but with a small group it is great to explore and discuss together.
I know there are so many more amazing picture books out there for exploring mathematical concepts with children that I haven't even heard of yet so please leave a comment below sharing your favourites so my wish list can grow!
Thanks for stopping by today! 

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