Promoting a Reading Challenge

At the end of each school year, we have had an End of the Year Reading Challenge. This can really be done anytime throughout the school year, but we find it keeps the kids reading right up until the end of the year. We do the Reading Challenge for one month (usually May). The challenge is between all of the First Grade classes and we set a class goal of 500 books. If the class gets to 500 books, then we have an ice cream party. We also have some other requirements. Each student has to have at least 20 individual books. Of course, you are always going to have a few kids who don’t do their reading and they haven’t since the beginning of the school year. We make sure that they also hit the goal. We have them record their books read during independent reading or they stay in for recess and read a book or two before going outside. We really want to make sure they are doing their fair share and contributing. Most times, the kids who haven’t read at home all year will do some of their reading at home during this month. We really talk to them about responsibility and how they can do it themselves without the help of their parents. We have monthly reading logs and add up the books once a week. We have a big graph that hangs in the hallway and the kids love to see how everyone is doing. All of the classes met the goal this year and we asked parents to donate toppings for the ice cream and we provided the ice cream. Who doesn’t love a friendly competition and ice cream??? I made a little freebie if you ever want to try a Reading Challenge! Just click on the picture above!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I like the idea of everyone pulling their weight and having them read at school as necessary.