A Pretty Flower Craft

Happy Valentine's Day Literacy Land Friends!!
I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads and today I'm going to share a unique little craft with you.
Our school is hosting a Sweetheart's Dance this year.  This is a Father-Daughter Dance (Uncles & Grandpa's welcome).  We didn't think we would have much turn out (from students or staff) if we held the dance on Valentine's Weekend, so we hold it the following week.  

Since it is a dressy occasion, the special events committee decided that we needed to have corsages for the little ladies.  Great idea!  But, how can we get them?  We called a few florists to see if they would donate any left over carnations but that didn't work out.  So, we scoured Pinterest & found a great idea...Tissue Paper Corsages!  

If your school doesn't have dances, you could use these for a Mother's Day Banquet or a Cinco De Mayo craft. If you've ever made Tissue Paper Balls...then you probably already know how to make these! 

Step 1: Lay out your Tissue Paper (5x7 or 7x9 - depending on your desired size).  You will need 1 layer of green and 2 or 3 layers of your choice of tissue paper color.  
Nothing needs to be perfect, in fact if you have rips on the edges it's fine because you'll cut them off.

Step 2: Begin a fan fold.

Step 3: Double-Knot a piece of yarn around the middle
(a little shorter than the length of your arm).  

Step 4: Cut the ends into points, like you would a hair ribbon. Then, fan out.  

Step 5: Now, you'll pull the layers apart.  Be gentle.  I would suggest pulling the green backward and then pulling each color forward.  When you're finished pulling each layer, you'll need to fluff the pieces make sure the yarn in the middle is covered.  
Step 6: Tie your corsage on and wait for the compliments!

Does your school have any dances or special occassions where you could use this craft? 


  1. I am always in need of a new and fun craft to do with my girls!! Thank you!!

  2. I like the idea of doing this for Mother's Day. I have some pin backs intended for crafts that could be used to pin the corsage on. Thanks for sharing your idea.