Super Summarizing in Fiction and Nonfiction Text

           I am a reading specialist at a K-5 Title I school just outside of Boston. I have noticed over the years that we are beginning to get an influx of ELL students and homeless, shelter or transient students for whom traditional methods have not worked. In addition, their time in school may be fractured with frequent visits to their home country for 4-6 weeks during the year. All of this leads to a lack of strong comprehension with fiction and nonfiction text.

         Today, I would like to share with you a recent professional development presentation that I have adapted for use in Grades K-6 classrooms as a starting point for teaching the beginning steps in summarizing. My design and layouts for this set are very simple and streamlined because I find that if they are already struggling in reading.... they do not need any additional distractions on a page. They need a simple layout that they can follow and use over and over again... in my room, with their classroom teacher, with a specialist, and at home with Mom and Dad.

  Super Summarizing in Nonfiction Text !

Anchor Chart for Beginning Summarizers of Nonfiction Text:

Use with a K-1 student or for an older student to introduce the concept of summary:

This chart is appropriate for K-1 students and beginning of the year 2nd grade students. It can be used with upper grade students in ELL/SEI classrooms as well.

 Ideally for upper level 2nd grade students as well as 3rd-4th grade students:

 This anchor chart is appropriate for independent learners at grades 4-6. It would work well for younger students who need an additional challenge in the area of summarizing.
 For accomplished summarizers...

Super Summarizing... Fictional Text !

Somebody Wanted But So... introducing this strategy at a variety of levels...

Anchor Chart for Beginning Summarizers of Fictional Text:

Perfect for K-1 students or older kids who benefit from storyboards and visual support:

For K, 1 and early 2nd grade students as well as older, reluctant writers:

Graphic organizers for students in grades 2-4:

Anchor chart for accomplished summarizers...
Graphic organizer for grades 4-6 students who can summarize independently:

From May 19th- May 26th, 2015, you may download the entire presentation along with graphic organizers as my gift to you.

After that time, you may find this unit in my shop under the name: Super Summarizers  {Fiction and Nonfiction}.  My link is

I hope all of you have a fun and fantastic start to summer !


Thanks to these talented designers for graphics support !

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